5 Reasons Why We Could All Use a Little More Laughter in our Lives

Charlie Chaplin once said that “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” and many people all around the globe agree heartily with him, many of those being in the medical profession. Steve Wilson, MA, CSP, psychologist and laugh therapist, says, “I think that if people can get more laughter in their lives, they are a lot better off. They might be healthier too.” The fact that there is such a thing as a laugh therapist at all should provide a hint about how important laughter can be to humans.

Comic relief doesn’t just make people feel good temporarily, it can actually provide some longer lasting benefits that are worth considering. So when you’re booking entertainment for that next company conference or retreat, you might want to consider comedians for hire who can add that kind of value to the proceedings. Musical comedians are some of the most sought-after professionals at such shows, and other comedy acts are also in demand for many of the reasons that will be discussed below.

Stimulates Body Organs

Physical changes in your body actually come about as a result of laughter. Your intake of oxygen is dramatically increased, which makes body organs like your heart and lungs function much better, and it also stimulates your muscles. Endorphins, which are neuropeptides released by the brain, are generated in greater quantities to create a mild feeling of euphoria and well-being.

Soothes Tension and Activates Stress Response

Laughter stimulates circulation and contributes to muscle relaxation, which are both components of stress relief. Hearty laughter energizes the stress response system, and then allows it to subside afterward, which leaves you with a wonderful, relaxed feeling.

Improves Immune System

While negative thinking has been shown to infiltrate a person’s mood and stimulate negative chemical reactions in the body that weaken the immune system, laughter works just the opposite. The endorphins released by the brain during laughter contribute strongly to fighting stress and the harmful effects of diseases, so the long-term effects of that are a strengthening of the immune system.

Relieves Pain

Laughter is thought to produce natural pain-killers within the body, although the chemical proofs for this in the body have yet to be clearly demonstrated. Laughter also has the apparent capability of completely disrupting the pain-spasm cycle which attends many muscular disorders, providing at least temporary relief to those suffering from such disorders.

Improves Overall Mood

Coping with difficult personal situations can be much easier when laughter is part of your daily regimen, and laughter also has been shown to assist with connecting to other people. Many surveys have already identified the connection we all feel to a person who is roaring with laughter – most people are much more attracted to someone who is laughing than someone who is frowning.

People who are suffering from forms of depression, either casual or chronic, often feel better about themselves after laughing. Anxiety is lifted and you feel happier when laughter takes over your attitude, and becomes the order of the day. As the laugh therapist is fond of saying, “Laughter is truly the best medicine.”

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