Comedy Loves Music!

More & more comedians are incorporating musical elements into their routines to further entertain their fans. This method of comedic entertainment is relevant across all generations, and all genres of comedy. Below are just a few reasons why musical comedy continues to grow in popularity.

Music Is Entertaining

Whether a performance is live or prerecorded over audio or video—music can help to take the level of entertainment to the next level. Even if only short snippets of the performance incorporate music, the musical elements can be used to set the tempo of the routine—and lift the energy of the crowd.

A Catchy Tune Makes the Experience More Memorable

Sometimes the musical elements placed in comedy routines reoccur throughout the routine, in the same manner as the chorus of a song. By creating a catchy tune for the audience to enjoy—it is more likely that the routine that will stick with the audience for long after the show.

Good Singing Is Not Required

Whether the music is used to deliver a punchline, an entire joke, or a section of a comedy routine—good singing is not required in musical comedy. In fact, poor singing or a good singer intentionally singing off key can add to the comedy. On the flipside, a skilled singer can create comedy by singing a passionate ballad or song inspired by popular music—but with comical words instead.

Good Instrumental Skills Are Not Required

Just as with singing, good instrumental skills are not required for musical comedy—and both skilled and less structured instrumental skills can really get the audience roaring. In fact, comedians can even find ways to create music with non-traditional elements. Music can even be created in a human beatbox manner.

Music Encourages Dancing

When a comedian incorporates music into their routine, it is a nice segue into physical comedy. While physical comedy, such as dancing can definitely be incorporated without singing or instruments—combining 2 or 3 elements can take the routine to a whole new level. In fact, some of the most memorable sketch and comedy routines from popular late-night shows involve comedy, music, singing, and dancing.

Musical comedy is effective in sketch comedy, improv, and standup comedy alike. While some comedians rarely turn to musical comedy, for others it is a mainstay of their routines. Adding music allows comedians to further explore their craft, and can be a hit amongst audiences of any age.

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