Music & Comedy Combine for a Rockin’ Good Time

The marriage of music and comedy has always been a good one with Steve Martin plunking on his banjo and Weird Al Yankovic creating some of the world’s funniest song parodies. But today there is a growing trend which combines traditional stand-up comedy with music, creating a new genre; musical comedians. These new mavericks are taking both rock and roll and comedy to a new level. Not only are these artists talented at the comedic end of the spectrum, but they are also master musicians. It was inevitable that the two art forms would eventually combine to form an entirely new twist on stand-up. Guitar comedians are taking the entertainment world by surprise and delivering laughter with song.

Comedy and Music: How it’s Done

jack blackThese comedians, or should I say musicians, are not only uber talented, they know it, exploiting it for a laugh, or a house full of them. This conflux of comedy and music is more than just a few notes plucked– or fumbled– by the comedian. The comedian infuses his show with music, earning the moniker guitar comedians. While this description is accurate, it doesn’t begin to tell the story of how amazing this new art form is. Grandmasters of this form of musical comedy, Micheal Rayburn, Mark Eddie and Stephen Lynch are undisputed royals of guitar comedians.

Also of note is Jimmy Fallon. He has been partnering up with the big boys–Jack Black, Jim Carey, etc– taking his teenage guitar lessons to the next level, creatively re-recreating top hits, sometimes incorporating the original artists into the remake. One such video includes members of the band Extreme. Fallon and Black team up and dress up as Extreme band members to make a melodic version of the song, “More Than Words.” While they are clearly poking fun at the late 1990s styles, their musicality shows that they are extremely talented. Badump bump. Don’t worry folks, I’m keeping my day job.

Comedian for Hire

The great thing about these bits is that they offer clean stand-up comedy, but the comedy is kicked up a notch by the addition of music to the set. Musical comedians are taking the stage and they are leaving the audiences rolling in the aisles. The next time you are in charge of the entertainment, consider hiring musical comedians. Finding guitar comedians may take a bit more work, but they are worth it. Musical comedians offer audiences clean stand up with a surprise. A really great guitar comedian can bring on the laughs, a sing-a-long and leave audiences talking about the show for days. Looking for a comedian for hire should include a search for musical comedians.

Mark Eddie - CTA - August 2015 Whitepaper (720 x 300)

When you hire guitar comedians, you give your audiences more than they bargained for. They thought they were only getting a few laughs, but you give them laughs and great music. When auditioning your musical comedian, make sure they have the musical talent to pull it off. It is a special chemistry that creates a musical comedian, and that “specialness” permeates throughout their entire show, showering fun on the audience.

With his signature voice and happy-go-lucky spirit, audiences of all ages are sure to love, laugh and be endlessly entertained by comedian for hire Mark Eddie. His one-of-a-kind musical stand-up comedy shows feature a unique blend of song and laughs, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats awaiting whatever is in store next. Discover for yourself what has audiences raving about Mark Eddie’s incredible act and hire him for your next event today!