Rock and Roll on the Floor Laughing

Guitar comedy is a special blend of stand-up comedy, musicianship, and good singing, and is a phenomenon quickly gaining in popularity all over the country. Its appeal seems to be universal in nature, since the crowds attracted to guitar comedians range from college campus students to business conference attendees. Many guitar comedians have additional special skills like doing rock impressions or folk impressions of other singers, and sometimes playing multiple instruments that serve to highlight the comic portion of their stage acts.

Guitar Comedy History 101

In the 1960’s and beyond, The Smothers Brothers popularized an act which featured brother Tom on acoustic guitar and his sibling Dick on string bass, and their original mix of humor and song catapulted them from one success after another. Beginning as stand-up comedians in a double act, they were soon invited onto numerous variety shows and eventually headlined their own extremely popular television show. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour ruled the ratings for its three-year run on television, and was finally canceled in 1969, although the brothers continued to perform together until 2010.

Certainly one of the earliest guitar comedians was Steve Martin. Although the term ‘guitar comedy’ had not been dreamed up by the time Martin began playing his unique brand of comedy at stand-up venues around the country, he was among the first to entertain crowds with an act combining music and comedy. Steve Martin is an accomplished banjoist, and in recent years has virtually abandoned comedy in favor of pursuing opportunities as a bluegrass musician, but he is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of the field.

The early legends of guitar comedy have shown the way for a whole generation of current guitar comedians, including Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Lynch, Nick Thune, Jon Lajoie, Bo Burnham, and Rodney Carrington. Some of these stars gained attention through internet videos, while others simply built audiences by playing in venues from coffee houses to summer festivals. With such talented individuals carrying the genre forward, it seems likely that guitar comedy will enjoy a long and robust future.

The Appeal of Guitar Comedy

There are several reasons for the enduring popularity of guitar comedy and the entertainers who establish themselves in the genre. Most people really love the opportunity to have an evening of laughter, delivered in a musical format which highlights both abilities simultaneously. On the conference circuit, a comedian for hire who has these dual talents is a much sought-after commodity, because they provide the kind of entertainment which can appeal to practically all demographics.

Obviously Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon are not as available as some other guitar comedians might be, but for the kind of appeal guitar comedians bring to all sorts of events, that hardly matters. Almost everyone enjoys music and almost everyone enjoys a good laugh, and when the two are packaged together in one evening of entertainment, there are usually few in attendance who don’t enjoy themselves.

Anyone seeking to provide entertainment for the broadest possible range of people at a medium to large-sized event would be well-advised to consider engaging the services of a guitar comedian. The combination of good music and good comedy creates an enjoyable experience that’s hard to beat.

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