The Power of Laughter

We’ve all heard of the old adage, “laughter is a strong medicine and provides healing to the soul.” Well, according to, there are health benefits associated with both humor and laughter. In their report, they refer to humor as infectious and believe that when laughter is shared, it binds people together as it increases both intimacy and happiness.  Additionally, laughter is known to trigger healthy changes in the body, such as providing a boost of energy, strengthening the immune system and reducing pain and stress. According to Paul E. McGhee, PhD, having a good sense of humor is a very powerful tool for your mood on a daily basis and is good for your overall emotional state of being. Laughter can also completely change the atmosphere of a room full of people, regardless of the audience’s demographic or geographic background.

Are you thinking about planning an event? If so, consider the positive impact laughter can have on your next event. For starters, it can get an otherwise tense audience into a very relaxed, light-hearted state-of-mind. They can now enjoy the afternoon or evening in a fun, lively, stress-free atmosphere that allows them to temporarily forget about their cares of the day.

Comedians for Hire

If you are planning an event, no one adds more laughter than a professional comedian for hire. Not only can they enhance the atmosphere, but they can also help it reach its full potential – making it the best event possible.

Comedians for hire are available in a variety of specialties, including corporate comedians, nightclub comedians, celebrity based comedians, college-level comedians, and musical comedians for a musical stand-up comedy night. Hiring a professional comedian will make your event memorable and fun, and will likely leave your guests talking about it for months to come.

Good, Clean Comedy

There’s nothing like a good, clean, standup comic. They blend in well with all types of events on a small or large scale. Especially those that may have minors in the audience or guests who are more sensitive to foul language.

On a small scale, comedians can be hired for events like backyard barbeques, fundraisers, banquets and other private parties.

On a larger, more upscale level, comedians can be hired for events held at sophisticated venues such as cruise ships, fancy hotels or large concert venues. Professional comedians for hire not only lighten the mood, but they bring a certain kind of joy that your guests will remember for months to come.

Taking Care of Business

Most comedians for hire are professionals, so they are accustomed to not only making your audience laugh, but are likely knowledgeable about taking care of the business side of things as well. This includes contracts, fees, the overall terms of the agreement, punctuality and other specifics based on additional requests that may be made.

So, when seeking out a professional comedian, be sure to plan ahead – find a good fit that has you and your audience in mind. Doing research, such as an online search will also help you review comedians beforehand, allowing you to read reviews to make sure you’re getting the type of comedian that you are expecting for your event.

No matter how big or small, hiring musical comedian Mark Eddie will give your event that little something extra to keep your guests entertained and begging for more. Specializing in his own unique brand of musical comedy, Mark Eddie will have your guests laughing so hard they cry with spot-on musical impressions of the best musicians of our time. Have (Keep?) your guests laughing for more with comedian for hire Mark Eddie.