Why Comedy is the Way to Go for Corporate Event Entertainment

Many corporate events need some kind of entertainment. There are a number of choices – music, speakers, variety shows – but nothing grabs the attention of the audience like comedy.

Here are some reasons why someone would hire stand-up comics or musical comedians for a corporate event:


Entertainment can be tricky when it comes to a corporate event, but comedy tends to break down walls. Comedy is universal; everyone loves to laugh. A room filled with laughter brings everyone together and usually spawns more even laughter. Comedy is an accessible, well-loved form of entertainment.

Mark Eddie - CTA - August 2015 Whitepaper (720 x 300)

Breaking Tension

Are you setting up a teambuilding event? Building morale? Celebrating? A stand-up comedian is the perfect way to help create a bond among audience members. Being able to laugh with someone is one of the best ways to relax and become comfortable. A clean, corporate comedian knows just how to bring an audience together, and keep them there.

Lightening Up an Event

Some people might view the presentations and networking opportunities at corporate events as “just another day at the office,” except they’re sitting in a convention hall instead of at their desk. Fortunately, entertainers – like stand-up comedians – can really brighten and lighten the mood of these events. They can make a corporate-minded event seem a little more exciting and create a different (and positive) atmosphere for your event.

Finding the Right Talent

A good talent agency can help you find the right comedy act for your event. Not only will they be able to offer you several entertainers to choose from, but they will also help you decide which ones will be a good fit for your specific type of event. Ask your talent agent about Mark Eddie, whose hilarious comedy will break the tension and lighten up any event! In his show, Mark blends comedy and music together for his own unique “rock comedy.” Appealing to all ages and demographics, Mark’s humor and dead-on impressions will leave you laughing all night long.

Make sure the next event you plan is a hit for everyone in attendance and hire musical comedian Mark Eddie!